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What are Hooks on React and how you can benefit from them?

Jonatan Salas

24 October, 2018 - 2 min read

React Hooks is a feature proposal developed so you can access all the features used in classes from functional components.

The motivations for the Hooks feature proposal are the following ones:

  • Reusability of Stateful components logic
  • Reduce complexity from components
  • Entry point for specific optimizations

The idea is to give power to functional components in the

React ecosystem

Dan explaining React hooks

How can we use a Hook?

Let’s imagine that we’re trying to write a

Counter component
, the normal implementation would be the following one:

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
class Counter extends Component {
state = {
count: 0,
increment = () => this.setState({ count: this.state.count + 1 });
decrement = () => this.setState({ count: this.state.count - 1 });
render() {
return (
<div className="App">
<button onClick={this.increment}>+</button>
<button onClick={this.decrement}>-</button>
ReactDOM.render(<Counter />, document.getElementById('root'));


based implementation would be the following one:

import React, { memo, useState } from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
const Counter = memo(() => {
const [count, setCount] = useState();
const increment = _ => setCount(count + 1);
const decrement = _ => setCount(count - 1);
return (
<div className="App">
<button onClick={increment}>+</button>
<button onClick={decrement}>-</button>
ReactDOM.render(<Counter />, document.getElementById('root'));

The benefits of using Hooks here a really clear:

  • Reduce code implementation, we pass from having a class based to only have a functional based component. This also means a reduction of bytes from bundle size.
  • Logic is now shareable, we have decoupled the logic not only for state creation, even for how the state updates.

Is there a Hook only to work with state?

There are two types of Hooks.


  • State → useState
  • Context → useContext
  • Side-Effects → useEffect


  • Refs → useRef
  • Callbacks → useCallback
  • Reducers → useReducer
  • Memoized Values → useMemo
  • Imperative Methods → useImperativeMethods
  • Mutation Effects → useMutationEffect
  • Layout Effects → useLayoutEffect

How can I test Hooks now?

You can do it by creating a Code Sandbox. Install


Or checkout and fork the Counter Demo here.

Interested to build a Todo App using Hooks?

Checkout this post:

Interested to know more about Hooks?

You can read more about hooks from here.

Some useful resources from Hooks:

Jonatan Salas

Co-Founder and CEO at BlackBox Vision.

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