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BlackBox Vision is joining as a DigitalOcean Solutions Partner

Jonatan Salas

29 October, 2019 - 1 min read

We’re really glad to announce that we’re joining in a Partnership with DigitalOcean. From the beginning, at BlackBox Vision we’ve released lots of products using DigitalOcean services, including our own enterprise infrastructure.

Why DigitalOcean?

In all the products we’ve released, relying on DigitalOcean as cloud provider has been a key to success. We trust in their mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and teams can spend more time building software for changing the world.

BlackBox Vision has the mission to develop awesome digital products, training people in newer technologies, and finally, help businesses grow by achieving digital transformation.

Relying on DigitalOcean as a Partner give us the support to achieve our mission trusting our infrastructure to a global player ensuring the most reliable final products.

Next Steps?

As a DigitalOcean Solutions Partner, we’re going to start to incentivize developers communities from the region, and help hosting events related to Architecture and Cloud Infrastructure where we’re going to promote why we are sure that DigitalOcean is the ideal cloud toolset for those developers and teams that want to make awesome stuff.

Also, we’re going to invest some of our developers time writing blog posts to leverage the usage of some DO products like Managed Kubernetes service, covering some of the following topics:

  • Provision a DO Kubernetes cluster by the usage of Terraform and Helm Charts
  • Automate deployments to DO Kubernetes cluster by using operators
  • Integrate DO Kubernetes with Gitlab for displaying cluster health information
  • Implement tracing by the usage of Jaeger in DO Kubernetes

In case you have any doubts about DigitalOcean’s services, you can directly contact us and will give you all the necessary support.

Stay tuned, great things are coming to our blog.

Jonatan Salas

Co-Founder and CEO at BlackBox Vision.

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